About Us

About Us

·        Bulgaria is a magnificent destination for more and more businessmen and tourists attracted by the unique natural and geographical features, aside from the beautiful mountain scenery and beautiful beaches of the Blacksea.The country is rich in Balkan history and culture, folklore, superb cuisine, traditions production of quality wines. Political stability and positive economic growth, globalization, to involve Bulgaria in European structures and NATO.


·        The new standards require improved infrastructure, quality services and fast-growing market of real properties. Foreign investors see as a strategic niche that contained a huge investment potential. Investing in property in Bulgaria under the ever increasing prices guaranteed profit tomorrow.


·        PARADISE 4U is a company that will help to make the best choice for investment in real estate.


·        PARADISE 4U has the opportunity and ability to select attractive investment objects covering priorities marketing and investment interests.


·        PARADISE 4U has a professional team of experts and licensed professionals in construction, design, legal and accounting maintenance and property management.


·        PARADISE 4U definitely believes that investment in real estate that you are making in your present and future best.


·        The company offers investors:

·        Lands,Holiday

·        VillagesHotels,

·        Commercial Property

·        Office

·        Houses

·        Apartments


·        PARADISE 4U has the ability to convert an investment into a profitable business and investigate all opportunities for future revenue growth.